Purrsuit Whirlwind 不倒翁猫玩具


Purrsuit Whirlwind


KONG Purrsuit Whirlwind entices a cat’s chase and capture play by unpredictably spinning itself across hard surfaces while actively twitching its long tail. This irresistible invitation sparks a cats’ stalk and pounce instincts for extended bouts of solo fun. Uniquely designed to bump out from corners this toy also features an auto timer that stops the movement after 15 minutes. Batteries included.
KONG Purrsuit Whirlwind通过在坚硬的表面上意外地旋转自己,同时积极地拉动它的长尾巴来吸引猫的追逐和捕捉游戏。 如此不可抗拒的邀请激发了猫的声音,并激发了本能,延长了独奏乐趣。 这款玩具的独特设计是从角落撞出来,还设有一个自动计时器,可在15分钟后停止运动。 包括电池。




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